Le Guru is You! Hatha Yoga Volume 2

Aloha and thanks all for the encouraging words on our first video last week. We have ventured forth for our second round. Thanks again to my VLA – Gabby (Very Lovely Assistant, and thanks to jackie in Chicago for that cute acronym) Our donation basket can be found at: Pay Pal: paul@unlimited-ideas.com Venmo: ...

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Kauai Yoga Video from Yours Truly

Kauai Yoga at Home Video with Paul Reynolds

I want to take this moment to thank all of my loyal yogis that have joined me as I shared my expression of hatha yoga for the last 20 + years.  Needless to say you have been and are the wind that fills my sails!! It has been lovingly suggested over the years that I put my classes to film, and lovingly I have declined quoting excuses too numerous to mention – but a little lazy and a little...

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