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Splendiforous Spillage of the Cartoon Wizard & the Color Witch and the Trolls in the Tree

A lively tale of a cantankerous Cartoon Wizard and a wily, wacky Color Witch coming together to create and honor each other and their creativity leads the to the story of some ornery Trolls as they reluctantly support and heal a sickly tree. (click on the image or the title above to take you to the preview of the books)

On The Day Before You Came

Imagine on the day before you came into the earth plane and having a conversation with a Universe who is lovingly preparing you for the trip. A poignant allegory for young and old alike.  (click on the book’s cover image or the title to preview the book)

Hotel Heaven and Full Disclosure Friday

Somewhere midst tumbleweeds and armadillos lies a quaint, small and ‘rustic’ hotel. It welcomes visitors from all over the known universe and some parts that are unknown too. Every full moon Friday a special event occurs that only those in ‘the know’ are invited to. (click on the book cover image or the title to go to the flip book)