Listen to your Legacy

“Say what you need to say” – John Mayer

Each of us has fashioned our legacy from the moment we stepped onto the earth plane.  Maybe even before.

That heritage lives ofttimes through our children, sometimes through works of art, perhaps a book. Often it is about what we have,  and not so much about who we are.  Moreover legacies are often seen as something one leaves in the later years  as we leave this reality.

This does not have to be and ‘end-of-life’ exercise. Many have used it at whatever stage of life they find themselves.  Unlimited Ideas and Le Guru is You Studios  is offering an opportunity to shift the perspective and help you create and  hear your own legacy – Now!

Let Le Guru is You Studios guide you in discovering your legacy, your gift in this life through the thoughts and words of the only being who knows you best — YOU!

Through the guidance of  LGIY Radio host Paul Reynolds, you will  review, examine and marvel at  your stay here on the earth plane and express and explore who you are during this incredible ride called life, not to mention imagining future potentials.

When you hear yourself create this picture through your words, you discover an incredible wisdom and inspiration you may never thought you possessed.

Unlimited Ideas Studios and Le Guru is You Radio is honored to partner with you to create a picture of who you are, because we believe that there is no other being quite like you in all of the known Universe.

Consider this to be a once in a lifetime gift for your loved ones as well as very unique experience and gift for yourself.  Some of our interviews have become gifts for family.   Some have been a place to start  in a person’s career/life/endeavor.  It is an incredible tool to review, reflect, and re-energize  your purpose at any point in your life.

The Process

1. The ‘Pre-interview’
Approximately a week before the scheduled interview,  a phone meeting is set up  to discuss the direction you would like to go in your audio creation.  This will help to develop the questions Paul will ask to help guide the process along.

2. The interview
The hour long interview session can take place via Skype, Zoom  or Free Conference Call tools.  If you live and/or visit the island of Kauai,  you are welcomed to come to our home/studio setting.

3.  Editing Process
After the interview the recording will receive a ‘rough edit’ and the MP3 file will be sent to you for your input.   After receiving your edits the recording is prepared and finalized.  Extra tracks or the addition of  background music are available for an additional cost.

4.  Pricing
The total cost for the edited MP3 recording is $300.00.   $150.00 deposit is requested to begin preparation in structuring the experience uniquely for you.  After completion of the final edits and delivery of  the recording, the  remainder ($150.00)is due.  Payment by cash, check Pay Pal, or Venmo are accepted.  Further additions to the recording  ( i.e.  background music track or additional tracks that you wish to add,  can be accommodated  at a rate of $75.00 an hour.

“Paul, I’m listening to my grandmother, her wisdom and love preserved because of you.  Thank you so much.”
— A.- Asheville N.C.


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