“Since you, like me, have always been and always will be,
now ease into your duty and be that which you must be
for this time and this place right now.”

–Bhagavad Gita




Human being, male, son, brother, father, cartoonist, yogi, writer, poet, masseur, friend, husband, lover, loved, teacher, student, explorer, wizard, fool, healer, patient; each archetype moving into the foreground to embrace a lesson, a shift, an exposure to what is present.


The Cartoon WizardThe Cartoon Wizard

Patrons of the arts clamor for more of the “wizardry” that constantly spews forth from the strangely fertile mind and hand of this spindly gnome.  Paul creates wildly, unique and colorful characters and illustrations with his blend of lightness and slightly ‘bent’ style that one will always remember.

The Cartoon Wizard is not sure when he began this expression. Those close to him say about 5 years old, others say he’s just finishing up what he started “long ago and far away.  Paul’s  ‘scratchings’ have shown in books, magazines, newspaper syndication with a feature that appeared in the classified section of  papers around the country called “Strictly Classified”.

Partnering up with long-time friend, watercolorist, and art educator;  Theodocia “Teddy” Swecker, The Cartoon Wizard and the Color Witch – the Spillage Edition is a self-published celebration of the dance between the seeming opposites of form and non- form, giving kids (and adults) a fun way to “see” what is right in front of them and creating a platform to continue their exploration of basic art concepts.


Yogifloating lotus poster_06_28 copy

Stepping onto the mat as a Hatha Yoga Instructor, Paul is well known for his “Eclectic Vinyasa” style of Hatha yoga.  After some 20 years of practice and teaching Paul blends his own intuitive outlook, with established forms to afford beginning students a safe introduction to the art form and provides opportunities for the continuing yoga student to deepen their practice.



Radio Show Host

BroadcaLe Guru is You Radio! with Paul Reynoldssting from his humble studio on the island of Kauai,  Paul invites ‘everyday folk’ like you and me to sit down and through the power of conversation explore, discover and reveal that we are all true teachers in every sense of the word.  “Guru-ship” is not just the product of writing a New York Times best seller or of sitting at the feet of a master in the Himalayas.  Le Guru is You! Radio illustrates that each of our unique lives is constructed in such away to reveal our inherit genius and that genius, just like the pebble thrown into the still pond reverberates and connects us to everyone and every reality.  The show can be found on iTunes or the show’s web site archives.

When was the last time you truly felt heard?