Le Guru is You Radio

Could it be that your first conversation (at least in this reality) was the moment you were born?

In essence it was your first climb to the summit of Everest, and you cried, whimpered, and screamed to everyone who was listening, “I Am Here!”

But as you moved through this ‘system’ built on contrast and a construct called linear time, it became harder to hear that voice.  It seemed sometimes almost impossible to feel like you had been heard. The cacophony was deafening and it felt like very few, if any were listening.  We all experience a turning down of that volume we once heard.  We all experience blocks to that awareness.

On the Le Guru is You Radio shows the guest gurus  review, examine and marvel at  their stay here on the earth plane and express and explore who they ‘be’, are, and have been during this incredible ride called ” life” here on the earth plane. Listening to the picture they’ve created  through their own words, one discovers a newly remembered, incredible wisdom .  As you speak your story and teach us about who you ‘be’, you find yourself heard once again.