A Studio for Unlimited Ideas

As a small boy, sitting in front of the television – crayons, pencils and paper  in hand watching Saturday morning cartoons, box of comic books by my side;  even then I was ‘home’ when I could draw, write and create.  Over 30 years ago A Studio for Unlimited Ideas became the home for my imagination; a space for the unlimited, the imaginative, the fun, and the inspirational. I continue to embrace those energies to this day.  Characters, writing and inspirations of all kinds flow from a  fertile imagination that have appeared  in books, syndication, magazines, T-shirts, newspapers, the web,  restaurant napkins and well… the possibilities are …of course…Unlimited!  Enjoy the galleries and cyber-stores that feature my work and play.
If A Studio for Unlimited Ideas can help you to translate your graphic concepts contact me; paul@unlimited-ideas.com