Kauai Yoga Video from Yours Truly

I want to take this moment to thank all of my loyal yogis that have joined me as I shared my expression of hatha yoga for the last 20 + years.  Needless to say you have been and are the wind that fills my sails!!

It has been lovingly suggested over the years that I put my classes to film, and lovingly I have declined quoting excuses too numerous to mention – but a little lazy and a little afraid were definitely in there somewhere.

So life and the current circumstances have asked me to work through that fear and put my toe in the pond to truly realize what is here for me.

A  boat-load of gratitude to my loving wife and my hanai-daughter Gabby for holding my hand and helping me put this together.

This is the first and certainly not the last.  You are all more than welcome to give me your critique and thoughts as we will hopefully make this a loving weekly operation.

Those of you that have taken yoga with me and remember the donation basket at the edge of our lanai in Waimea – well – we have a cyber version;

Pay Pal: paul@unlimited-ideas.com
Venmo:  Paul-Reynolds-26

Eventually this hectic time will sort itself out.   Once again we can bring our mats to the deck  beach side (or wherever) watching whales breech as we get our asana -on!  And when we rise from savasana we will be so grateful that we can give each other that deserved hug for a practice well done.

Namaste+Aloha  = Namahola!

Yogi P

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