To Become Concious…

Truths that fly with the heart by Linaji

To become conscious of ourselves as a body is to become conscious of mankind as one.

Love is not something to be attained; it is the reality in which we exist. What is necessary is conversion, realization, enlightenment.

I can operate from the viewpoint that I am me, you are you, the earth is the earth, and that’s the way it is. I can conceive of myself as the lonely warrior traveling across a hostile land, meeting now and then for a brief moment a fellow traveler

When the body is out of harmony with the field of the earth, when the parts of the body are out of harmony with each other, and when one body is physiologically walled-off from other bodies, such a viewpoint makes a lot of sense.

But the dissolving of the walls reveals another possibility.

Love is not a feeling, an emotion, or an affection. It is the attitude and behavior of a person living by another viewpoint. The viewpoint is the realization that the reference of the words “I,” “you,” and “the earth” are elements within a single unified system of energy.

The path into the body is a path into that realization. The more one follows the realization, the more one finds the whole universe.

Protean Body : A Rolfer’s View of Human Flexibility

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