This Surprising Truth

This I say from my dwelling
place within your heart:
Do not miss me in your focus
at the world. I am the orange
glow of dawn, sun the color of
monk’s robes shining equally
upon all beings. I am your
frustration as you seek me
and come up empty.
I am the
dusty web you sweep down
from the ceiling, and the spider
who races into hiding when you
clean. I am disbelief, devotion,
grief, joy, and tearful entreaties.
I travel on the notes of wrens and
song sparrows just to set you free.
See each action as a bold attempt
to find me. Experience my reality
even once, and your life is changed,
rearranged, priorities shifting like
a lid has been lifted off a pot of
boiling liquid. I am the steam and
the source of heat. I am the soup
broth and the hand that grips the
spoon. I am midnight, noon, and
every chime that rings to mark the

And I say this –

you are mine
and I am yours.

In this surprising truth, rest easy and assured.

— Danna Faulds

Posted by | Paul Reynolds

“Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, or Zen. Not any religion or cultural system…..” - Rumi

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