The Final Authority

At a certain point in the maturation process, it is necessary to become the final authority concerning the movement of your life.

Even conflicts that you feel hopelessly stuck in can be dealt with independently if they are looked upon as challenges to grow from. If you have a way of approaching the binds in your relationships as they come up, instead of seeking help mainly during crises, this will allow you to handle future problems as well as current ones more quickly and easily.

You may actually be able to prevent crises from developing. A real freedom and relaxation come when you know you can count on yourself to clarify and deal with your own problems. Doing this develops the confidence necessary to bring to the surface underlying relational conflicts that you were resigned to.

Even little on-going tensions affect the whole quality of your daily life. Turning your problem’s into opportunities for learning and growth makes you stronger, for the more you rely on your own resources, the more you develop them.

—excerpt from Joel Kramer on Yoga and Relationship


Posted by | Paul Reynolds

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