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Feathers Dance by Aspects of MK

Feathers Dance by Aspects of MK

At one time


The clinging
Painful, defining
So real,


A letting go
A painful  memory

Now ignored

Their beauty shunned
Cowed from
Their lightness mistaken
For lead.

Being made ready
The master gathers them all
Laying them out so carefully
Given to your hand
So lovingly
You hold each one up to the light
Their plumes bathed in


The exact length
The exact spot,

Unerring placement
Supreme craftsmanship

One supporting the other

Being made ready

Your hand smoothes them down the shaft
And you
Right where this one must go
To create the lift
To create the thrust

No more wishing
To be able to dance

On currents
Soar through ethers
Among the stars
‘tween electrons

Into the heart

—Paul Reynolds

Posted by | Paul Reynolds

“Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, or Zen. Not any religion or cultural system…..” - Rumi

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