Money and Separation

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Today’s usury-money is part of a story of separation in which “more for me is less for you”  that is the essence of interest:

I will only “share” money with you if I end up with even more of it in return. 

On the systemic level as well, interest on money creates competition, anxiety,and the polarization of wealth.  Meanwhile, the phrase “more for me is less for you”  is the motto of the ego, and a truism given the discrete and separate self of modern economics, biology, and philosophy.

Only when our sense of self expands to include others, through love, is that truism replace by its opposite:  “More for you is also more for me”  This essential truth embodied in the world’s authentic spiritual teachings from Jesus Golden Rule, which has been misconstrued and should read, “As you do unto others, so also you do unto yourself, to the Buddhist doctrine of karma.  However, to merely understand and agree with these teachings is not enough; many of us bear a divide between between what we believe and what we live.  An actual transformation in the way we experience being is necessary and such a transformation usually comes about in much the same way as our collective transformation is happening now:  through a collapse of the old Story of Self and Story of the World, and the birth of a new one.  For the self, too is ultimately a story with a beginning and an end.

Have you ever gone through an experience that leaves you afterward, hardly knowing who you are?”

Sacred Economics
by Charles Eisenstein


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