Elevated conscious and an introduction to FLFE

All of us have searched in one way or another to ‘take the pressure off’, relax, to recognize more harmony  in our day-to-day lives. Outward appearances have us shake our heads in disbelief. It seems sometimes that a state of peace, and calm is further from our grasp.

There have been many tools/techniques and substances  that have been employed over the history of mankind to look for and achieve some sort of equilibrium.

High Consciousness Field
Have you ever walked into a room, a home, a ‘sacred space’ and felt a marked, welcoming, warm, light, clear energy? You have experienced what some refer to as a “high-consciousness field“.  It is a space of higher vibrational qualities, most often including the energies we characterize as  love, joy and peace.  Ancient understanding, and recent scientific discoveries have come together on the observation that there is an electrical grid of subtle energy running through everyone and everything – including our homes, workplaces, even objects like our phones.  When we fashion altars in our homes with items that fill us with a more ‘complete’ sense of who we are, we create another example of opening to a higher vibrational aspect in our surroundings.

Recently another marvelous tool for cultivating and growing this energetic ‘garden’ has become available in the form of the 25 year research and discoveries of David R Hawkins (M.D., PhD) his book Power vs. Force and the subsequent development of these findings by Jeffery Stegman and Clayten Stedmann that has taken the form of  the Focused Life Force Energy model.

Focused Life Force Energy
High consciousness fields generally have much more subtle energy flow, they are free to uplift and expand anyone who enters them. This is why we often feel exhilarated and energized after going to sacred sites, being in the presence of a spiritual master, or even in environments where the love was strong and clear – such as a holiday or special gathering. Focused Life Force Energy or FLFE (also affectionately known as “Fluffy”) is a system/technology as I understand it that  aids in bringing a high consciousness field in contact (association) with a field of a lower density to aid in clearing and elevating that field.

FLFE in the Home
Translating energy into words and what this system brings to ones environment is definitely a challenge, but I notice that it  has brought a heightened sense of equilibrium to my home. Problems are more easily recognized as opportunities. Tendencies to slip into the negative and judgemental have brought increased awareness, giving pause to ask the question”What state of mind do I want to cultivate here? and What is it I should be learning from this?” rather than the  ‘poor me’ or defensive knee-jerk reactions.  The FLFE testimonials page is a great place to check out some more observations in this regard.
You can also get some more complete information  with the founders of FLFE in an interview with Regina Meredith

The FLFE program offers a no risk trial for 15 days.  A ‘Pay it forward’ option is also provided to share this technology with your favorite organization.

Our evolutionary imperative is in raising our consciousness.  “Fluffy” is an exceptional tool as we continue to grow and tend our energetic gardens.

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