To all of you, my lovely dreamers, and when I say all, I do mean all… because there is not one of us who does not have a wild dreamer tucked away in our heart, or our pocket. Even those of us who have buried it so deep they can no longer hear its whispers or shouts.

EVERYONE has dreams.

But whether those dreams are big or small, about changing the world, or about changing the furniture… I encourage you to dream ALL of your dreams with exuberance and without a hint of apology…

Dream your foolish, naive, childish, “stupid”, unrealistic dreams stubbornly and with insistence so long as they are what your heart desires, and despite any and all evidence to the contrary.

Write your dreams down on the notes of your heart and fold them into paper planes, take them to the field and let them fly. This is fancy talk for: write them down, and let them go. Hold them and release them at the same time. It seems impossible, but it isn’t.

This is the delicate art of creation.

Hold the vision, and release.

Let the process take over.

It has its own wisdom, it knows its own way. It has its own momentum… if you will just stop putting on the brakes.

You are an ancient magician who’s forgotten your power and must re-learn to master your craft. All great magicians understand that the magic has its own power and life, and all they must learn to do is get out of the way enough to wield it.

You are one such great magician my friend. You have been practicing with small and big things all your life. Which things you ask? Oh just all the things and people in your life right now that you love and cherish. Did you think those were by happenstance? Silly magician.

You simply were taught to ignore that you’ve had the power all along.

Why do you think this culture has so many shows and movies about suppressed superheroes and magical beings who then remember who they really are and master their power, which in turn saves the world?  It is the deep subconscious wish of all humans to remember and know who they REALLY ARE and their power as Life itself.

Every beautiful thing you see was once a “stupid dream” of some kind. If creation of the new was based on the principal of “I don’t see it now, so it must be impossible” –  NOTHING would exist! It’s actually the opposite that’s true, you must believe it, in order to see it.

When you see evidence to the contrary of your dream, and you get that sinking feeling and you collapse into self-doubt, and it seems to confirm that YOU CAN’T have/do/be that… that is not actually evidence you can’t. It is evidence that you BELIEVE you can’t.

The evidence is a friend popping up to say “Hi there! you believe in me, you believe you can’t have this. Do you want to believe this still? or do you want to re-affirm your commitment to your dream instead and keep going?”.  Just see it, re-affirm your intention, and let go.

Apply this to little things and big things alike. When you hit a snag in your plans, don’t throw out the plans! Just notice the plans got modified on you, and assume the adjusted plans will actually make your overall vision better than you thought it could be. Consider it an upgrade.

Always assume that the magic knows what it’s doing and all you have to do is call it in, and your intuition will naturally know what to do with it and when. Like all powers, it is one you have to learn to trust and practice with awareness to see it grow.

So keep your dreams alive, beloveds.
Because it is your dreams that keep YOU alive.

And it was a dream that created you at all.

And there is nothing foolish about that.

– – – Sunni Chapman

Posted by | Paul Reynolds

“Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, or Zen. Not any religion or cultural system…..” - Rumi

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