Consistency, Contentment, Cooperation

Consistency –
How we admire a man who is consistent, who sticks to his conclusion, to his ideal!  Such a man we consider a saint.  But the insane are also consistent: they also stick to their conclusions.
The desire to be consistent gives a peculiar strength and satisfaction, for in sincerity there is [the illusion of] security.

Contentment –
Contentment is never the outcome of fulfillment, of achievement, or of the possession of things:  it is not born of action or inaction.  It comes with the fullness of what is, not the alteration of it.
Contentment is above and beyond the opposites; it is not a synthesis, for it has no relation to conflict… Contentment is a movement that is not of time.

Contentment is the understanding of ‘what is’, and ‘what is’ is never static.

Cooperation is possible only when there is freedom from envy, acquisitiveness, and from the craving for personal or collective dominance, power.
Cooperation comes naturally and easily when we love what we are doing; and then cooperation is a delight.


Posted by | Paul Reynolds

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