I remember the first time I ever heard my master recite the verse of Ibn’Arabi.  It was Christmas day. And my master said this poem, in part,describes the consciousness of Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha and anyone who achieves union with the Rose, with God. I knew something of this poem but my master spoke it differently, adding to it as one might to a song they were playfully singing. Later that night he said it again, though very seriously and in a remarkable atmosphere. The room was candlelit. The verse was accompanied by some music he asked me to play. And while Attar spoke these words, he began to weep in ecstasy; it was the only time I ever saw him do that.

My heart holds within it all form, that my heart created.
I have made a pasture there for gazelles and children.

Within me is a true monastery for monks of every creed
There, I pledge perfect obedience to Light, and when any
vows are broken or a shadow you enthrone, I am to blame,
who else? All acts enrich us-though be careful in this
realm of thought, of freedom.

Where I have allowed the Inconceivable to appear and
pretend it has a name or shape-churches, temples and
mosques are built and obscure the Indivisible. Holy books
were written trying to describe a mere kiss on the cheek
God and I gave this earth.

The only real Sufi is one who turns into the root of my soul
and discovers every religion pays us homage. This is not
blasphemy, all other experience is. But keep this a secret
from a crazed mind with a stone in its hand

Whisper softly the word love if you do not have the strength
to let it annihilate you in silence. Burn into the Illumined
Immaculate Nothing where paradise draws itself from a well
you dug.

A thousand shields you hold up against Allah and other
human beings, because your surrender to Knowledge is
not ripe. The Sun smiles though upon any who wave a
sword at it, knowing it is safe from harm, as is your essence.

Don’t let your golden wings suffer, let them taste the Beloved’s
lips; there is something in your heart that can lift them into
the Sky’s oasis.

The galaxies you invented The firmament is a nest you once
built. When existence hatched you brought us food of divinity.

Our heart holds within it all forms, that our hearts created
we have made a meadow there for gazelles, children, music,
dance and dreams.



Posted by | Paul Reynolds

“Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, or Zen. Not any religion or cultural system…..” - Rumi

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