Writin’ Her Own Bible Now

Auspicious it was
The day she arrived

She pawed at the earth
Eyes glistened

She cried

Dived in headlong
With Valkyrie song

I’m takin’ on life
Here and now!

Sunday School
Pummeled her

Chapter and Verse

Some a little weird
Some perverse
She cried
“It’s Eve who got shafted!!”

Teeth clenched to smile
Head turned to mutter…

“I oughta be writin’
My Own Bible Now” —

Her questions arose time and again
Her teachers trembled
As her eyes rolled back

“Oh puleeeze!”

She’s gonna be writin’
Her own Bible now”

Ran with pack
And didn’t look back
Bayed at the moon

And not a moment too soon

Sought many gods
Going down roads
Saints never have trod
as she
Sculpted  her own
Magnificent heavens


Painted her own
Masterpiece of hells

Nazarene, and Nagual

As lovers they came
None were a scam

Then she twelve stepped with Shakti
To find Abraham

Just Researchin’
Her Own bible Now! —

Are rule
Not the exception

Candles lit daily
With new inspiration

She’s writin’ her own bible now

Auspicious it was
The day she arrived

She tills now the earth
Eyes moist
And She cries


She’s reading her own bible now.

—Paul Reynolds

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“Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, or Zen. Not any religion or cultural system…..” - Rumi

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