The Yogi is You! Private Sessions

yoga collage teaching_2014_flattenedYou are ready to create your own yoga practice.

It may be that you have a ‘working’ knowledge of the postures but are looking for some guidance in constructing a flow.

Or perhaps you always wanted to try a yoga class, but feel a little intimidated with the class scenario and just want to establish some basic knowledge.

Paul is here to help you co-create a basic/intermediate or advanced series of your very own.

Once you have got your basic postures involved in your ‘flow’ then you can choose to expand on your own or with Paul’s help in the form of written and/or audio scripts.

Over  20 years ago on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hatha Yoga “found” Paul Reynolds (or was it the other way around?).  Either way the “connection” was made and he had found ‘home’.  His grounding in form and philosophy has come from the White Lotus teacher training, advanced teacher training and Thai Yoga Therapy programs.  He received his certification from master teachers Ganga White and Tracey Rich and co-taught the 16-day teacher training sessions at White Lotus with fellow teacher Kent Bond before moving to Kauai in 2005.

“The poetry of Paul’s soul expresses itself through his heart, his hands, and his insightful guidance.  He is known for his uniquely sensitive, caring and attuned approach.  He weaves a magic with his words and his compassionate touch that makes class a deep, sweet journey to the self. ”
Ganga White & Tracey Rich – White Lotus Foundation

Paul is here to introduce you to the basics and create a unique personalized ‘homework’ that will find you joining any yoga class with confidence.  Or you may choose a written or audio ‘script’ that you can practice with at home or take on the road for business trip or vacation.

Sessions Offered:

Single Private Sessions (limit 2 persons – 1 hour 15 minutes)

Beginning Sequences Practice  3 – 1 hour sessions
(From these sequences your personalized  yoga program is formed)

Your Personalized Sequence with Written/Audio Scripts

For a truly unique mind, heart and body experience consider a 45 minute hatha yoga practice with a 45 minute Le Guru is You! interview session.

*All the above services are available by donation.  Call and talk to Paul to arrange for a program that works within your budget*