Affirmations are a very useful tool when working on a change in behavior, or mind set.   More than positive thinking or a ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ kind of ploy, affirmations, especially the ones you create will often address an issue or experience that is calling  to you to be heard and open the pathway for a clearer perspective.

Here at Le Guru Is You , developing creating your own affirmation can bring out the poet/artist in you.   Many times it will  illicit a creative expression that you have never given yourself credit for.

As you hear yourself hone in on specific ideas and perspectives, more often than not images will be seen in your waking or dreaming states. When the idea is honed and written all you need do is supply an image and/or an idea for an image and let LGIY’s graphic department do the rest  – We’ll help with fonts and backgrounds and help you create create a digital file to compliment your words in pdf, jpeg and png suitable for framing, refrigerator, bulletin board, or website!

Contact Le Guru is You Studios and explore this tool  and don’t forget to check in with Le Guru is You Cyber Stores to purchase the artwork you see here in various forms plus many, many more….  Here are a few examples:


 I listen and trust living large rustHonor my shadow

I am too blessed

I don't have to force anything

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