About Your Host

pauls collage with labelsThe host and moderator of Le Guru is You Radio, Paul Reynolds has donned many roles in his current lifetime here on the earth plane.  As an ardent listener of his follow travelers, a common theme occurs, a theme that has echoed throughout the centuries (or longer) to those who will hear.

We have chosen to participate, cooperate, dance,play, struggle(pick a term that feels right for you)  in this sometimes overwhelming reality and are continually being reminded that we are infinite expressions of a Divine Imagination that defies the structure of words.  This structure  of vocabulary and this energy of linear time continues to push us from the cocoon into higher levels of awareness. We constantly desire to express the limitless through our limited experience.   The telling of our stories are one of the optimal ways to remind ourselves of our choices along this linear path and to remind others of theirs.

Le Guru is You Radio’s host Paul Reynolds brings a lifetime of listening as a Yoga instructor for over 20 years, a father and a customer relations representative for some 30 years as well as certified, focused study with the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching.  He welcomes you to tell your story  and allow you the freedom to discover that there truly are no mistakes.

We are cooperating creators in a system that  has been ‘set up’ perfectly to gift us with the answers we need, right when we need them.

This is just the start of our next phase of evolution.


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